Engineering Writer

When writing a story or participating in a technical discussion, Bryon’s unconventional thought processes inspire him to drill down to the key details and shamelessly ask what sound like absurd questions. Bryon also finds particular satisfaction in drawing useful parallels between seemingly unrelated fields. He spent decades as an engineer and marketer in Silicon Valley, working at MMI, AMD, Cypress, Altera, Actel, Teja Technologies, and Vector Fabrics, with a focus on PLDs/FPGAs, EDA, embedded systems, multicore processing, networking protocols, and software analysis. That combined with a perpetual interest in updating his technical knowledge and skills allows him to easily converse with both users and builders.

Bryon always has a positive outlook, comes to the table prepared, asks the right questions, and then produces a near-ready transcript. He has a BSEE from UC Berkeley and an MSEE from Santa Clara University. Away from work, Bryon is known for enjoying music, gardening, photography, travel, cooking, hiking, and languages. But at HCI, we know his secret passion is creating amazing Excel macros for the team.

Seemingly stupid questions usually produce illuminating answers.

Bryon Moyer