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Create a strategic digital marketing program.

Digital marketing services are an essential tool in the marketing toolbox for technology companies that deliver cutting-edge products and services to businesses. Your website and marketing programs reflect your company’s technical capabilities. Make sure your digital marketing program is strategic and demonstrates current best practices to engage your audiences and brighten your reputation for technology leadership.

Eliminate frustration.

Work with copywriters, bloggers, and social media managers who understand engineering audiences and technical content.

Focus on valuable clicks.

Not all clicks are valuable. Consumer-focused digital marketing agencies often don’t understand how engineers search for information or how B2B tech buyers make complex purchasing decisions. Choose a digital marketing agency for technology companies that brings together marketing professionals who live and breathe B2B tech.

Create meaningful campaigns.

Create web content and digital marketing campaigns that speak the language of your B2B technology buyers and focus on their needs.

Reach your business goals.

Improve search engine rank, drive website traffic, and engage social media followers to raise awareness, increase conversions, and attract qualified leads.

Build buzz with substance.

Use lead generation and nurturing techniques in an omnichannel marketing approach to bring leads through the sales funnel from awareness to a purchasing decision, step by logical step.

Achieve a cohesive, consistent brand experience.

Deliver digital marketing programs within integrated marketing strategies that provide a cohesive, consistent brand experience to focus and amplify your digital marketing efforts.

“We now rank for the first time on page 1 of Google search for valuable industry keywords, and the HCI-written web pages are the reason why. The HCI team brought deep experience in embedded systems and embraced QNX’s complex technology to create SEO-savvy and technical, yet understandable content geared to our audience – and always delivered on time. They’ve delivered exactly what I was hoping for but dared not to expect, taking rough outlines and adding tons of valuable insight and detail. If I haven’t said it enough lately, THANK YOU!”