Best Practices for Robotics Marketing & PR Programs

Robotics PR & Marketing Tips

Your marketing and PR team might have a problem. You need to grow brand awareness, increase credibility, and generate leads—faster. Get the 8-point Robotics PR & Marketing tip sheet and put your robotics & automation organization on the path to success.

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  1. The 4 audiences to understand at a deep level in robotics marketing
  2. The 8 verticals that require different approaches in robotics marketing
  3. The 3 marketing domains that can extend your reach in robotics marketing
  4. The 10 types of content that showcase thought leadership in robotics marketing
  5. The 4 ways to elevate your message through tech PR in robotics marketing
  6. The 3 types of press to validate your credibility in robotics marketing
  7. The 4 digital marketing domains to focus on buyers in robotics marketing
  8. The 5 ways to differentiate your products and brand in robotics marketing

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