Integrated Marketing Services

For Robotics, Automation, and Embedded Electronics

Integrated Marketing Services

For Robotics, Automation, and Embedded Electronics
Strategic planning and multi-channel messaging increase awareness and drive results faster. Our market-savvy and technically fluent marketing professionals add value to your business with up-level quality across the full spectrum of integrated marketing services.
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Strategic Marketing & Planning

Your business goals combined with our understanding of the marketplace. Reach your target audiences with the right messages to grow sales and stay within budget.

Messaging & Positioning

Key statements help internal and external contacts understand what matters. Set a consistent tone and guardrails for content.

Lead Generation & Nurturing

Engage prospects and customers in ways and words that are relevant to their needs and position in the sales funnel.

Media & Analyst Relations

The foundation of awareness leads to deeper influencer understanding and promotion of your products and services.

Social Media

Reach buyers where they live online in social media. Deliver learning, value, trends, and thought leadership

Content Development

Compelling content and accompanying graphics deliver your key messages to specific targets, using language and media that are engaging and meaningful​.

SEO & Analytics

Drive traffic to your website through organic search, using the search terms of your audience.

Digital Marketing & SEM

Lead prospects to compelling offers for lead generation and brand awareness.

Conference and Trade Show Representation​

Amplify your conference attendance by connecting with key media influencers and press who provide your target with news of current events and products/services. Make your voice heard over your competition.

Spokesperson Training

Grow your team’s comfort and confidence in addressing influencers and audiences with compelling messages.

Content Placement

Place articles, blogs, white papers, or case studies in just the right publications to increase marketing reach.

Buyer Personas

Use proven Buyer Persona Institute methodology to speak to your customers and non-customers to dig into motivations, needs, and evaluation criteria to inform marketing that engages powerfully with target prospects.

Coverage Analysis

Track the reach of your public relations messages and see immediately what journalists are saying about your company.

International Exposure

Reach beyond your home country to speak to influencers and engage buyers in all the regions your company wants to target.

“Using their in-depth knowledge of industry trends, the HCI team guided us on how to strategically position our news to maximize coverage in mainstream press. In their hands, survey results became thought leadership and they sought out proof points from vendors and automation customers that told a broader story and kept us front and center in coverage leading up to the show. HCI’s robotics’ media guru Kelly secured industry analysts and influencers on our speaker panels. Such capabilities were fundamental to us achieving our most successful AUTOMATE yet!”