Senior Account Manager and Digital Marketing Strategist

Elizabeth is a fierce, fast and focused marketing professional driven by in-depth insights, versatile skills and a deep expertise in technology. With more than 20 years’ experience in high tech, international and business-to-business environments, Elizabeth applies her expertise to analyze your markets, value proposition and competitive differentiators to uncover opportunities and develop innovative go-to-market strategies.

As the tools of communication change daily, you need marketing strategies that adapt as you grow and the marketplace evolves. Elizabeth provides expert guidance so you can adjust and innovate in response to changing and challenging business environments. From strategy and development to fast and effective execution, she employs the resources, skills and experience to adeptly lead businesses through the digital marketplace in ways that capture mindshare and market share and bring buyers to the table.

Elizabeth grows a cornucopia of garden vegetables at her Massachusetts home. She also enjoys cooking and fitness and—when weather allows—driving her 1997 Jeep Wrangler, doors off, top down. She shares a house in a historic neighborhood outside Boston with her husband and a rambunctious pair of miniature schnauzers.

Elizabeth Trimble

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