President & Founder

Janice’s exuberance, quick wit, and passion for people may be the first traits you’ll notice. Once she engages you in conversation, her wealth of technical and editorial knowledge will substantiate your impression. Strategize with her on a campaign, and you’ll understand what it feels like to be immersed in her mindful energy.

A master at strategizing and executing effective PR campaigns, Janice gets charged by ideas and overcoming barriers. She’s at ease, whether addressing an international audience about a multitude of vertical markets or technologies or sitting across the table, chatting about making fresh yogurt. Janice listens. She has an astonishingly good memory. And she takes the time to know, to understand, and to care for her team, as well as her clients and a wealth of key editors and analysts whose respect she’s earned.

Something of a “Lumber Jill,” Janice lives in the Ontario woods, where she actually enjoys dropping trees, then splitting and stacking cords of wood. Always accompanied by her dog, you may find them in her canoe in the middle of the lake on her stunning woodland property or weeding her gardens. Someday she’ll retire and spend her time reading to traumatized youth at a local women’s shelter. And one day, she will own a goat so she can make that fresh yogurt.

Defeat is never an option.

Janice Hughes

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