Content & Communications Strategist

With a mix of left-brain analytics and right-brain creativity, Cheryl easily grasps technology, then makes it interesting. An expert in strategy, Cheryl gets her clients to question their assumptions and rethink how they might best reach their buyers. She asks the tough questions, uncovering the most compelling differentiators, and then innovates messaging that persuades customers and influencers to sit up and take notice. Cheryl has provided strategic, international marketing counsel for start-ups to large public corporations, with skills honed through senior positions that range from purchasing and materials management, through strategic marketing and public relations, and to the editorial side, managing content for engineering publications. She continuously self-educates, consuming the latest digital marketing techniques to stay ahead of the curve and help her clients develop and nurture prospects, build momentum, and create long-term loyalty.

Honest, supportive, and committed, Cheryl’s passion for strategizing has helped drive HCI’s success. At home, she balances her technical workday by writing fiction for young people and renovating an historic home. A native Canadian who hails from HCI’s stomping grounds, she enjoys exploring her adopted state of Oregon. The proud mother of three sons, this technological wiz is the consummate queen of her household.

Embrace your inner 3-year-old: keep asking ‘why?’

Cheryl Coupé

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