Jürgen’s journey to become a renowned technical translator evolved from interesting roots. He grew up bilingually in Northern Germany where the local dialect sounded like a completely different language. His early interest in physics—the motion and behavior of matter—transformed into a 25-year passion for the sounds and behavior of language, making it easy for Jürgen to learn English, French, Italian, and a little Dutch and Swedish. Recognized companies, publishers and PR agencies in the semiconductor, computer and software industry rely on him to translate articles, press releases, brochures, advertising material and websites that are technically correct and easy to read.

While touring Germany’s many regions, Jürgen’s trained ear easily discerns the specifics of each native dialect. But his interest extends to observing and understanding the cultural differences as well. These insights provide him with the subtext necessary to produce accurate translations. And when he parks his car or cycle, he loves to hike or play guitar, which figures, since he’s all about motion, behavior, and sound.

Becoming a freelance translator was likely the best decision I’ve made in my life. I enjoy my work each and every day.

Jürgen Park