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Proofreader & Copy Editor

Martha creates clean, clear, and compelling copy, producing and perfecting powerful prose (not to mention pickled peppers) for technology leaders. She built her commanding knowledge of the English language through years as a broadcast journalist, technical writer, and business owner at Trimar Communications, and brings an unmatched proficiency in syntax, punctuation, usage, and style. As a proofreader and copy editor, she is equally passionate about helping other writers, and non-writers, to do the same. HCI considers her a proof-reading “tiger,” exposing even the unexpected errors. Yet she is capable of breaking with convention and following her heart.

Martha’s degree in computer science expresses her interest in technology, while her study of other languages and her experience living in non-English-speaking countries help her appreciate the challenge inherent in communicating with a truly global audience. This multi-dimensional, multi-cultural background makes her an invaluable asset to any project. She has a fetish for playing bridge, which is both hobby and sport in her life. Plus, her mother was Canadian. At Canada-based HCI, that ups her appeal exponentially.

Do your best, and then some.

Martha Maroney

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