Technical Writer and Analyst

With seventeen years of experience as a practicing engineer, Nick understands the issues behind designing complex systems firsthand. He has worked with hard real-time embedded systems, written application software for PCs and workstations, built an operating system from the ground up, developed in-house software and hardware development and test tools, and ported software across platforms.

With a vision to help others solve complex engineering challenges, Nick took this foundation and began writing. He served as technical editor for EDN, Embedded Systems Programming, and Communications Systems Design, and was the founding editor-in-chief of Multimedia Systems Design. He has written over 1000 published articles, taught programming and technical writing at UC Berkeley.

In listening to both sides of the table, Nick has developed a keen awareness of how to craft content that addresses the engineers’ challenges and helps companies speak to those needs.

Can’t find him at him writing? Ah, well check the gaming room where he might be taking on one of his sons in an “ogre meets spaceship” odyssey battle. You see, Nick also develops award-winning boardgames in his spare time and has taken over 70 products to market.

The idea well is endless.

Nicholas Cravotta

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