Amy Foschetti

PR Specialist

An experienced communications professional, Amy has secured a track record of outstanding results in media and analyst relations for technology and B2B clients. She excels at client relations, content delivery, and program management. Her effective communications strategies combined with rapport-based PR campaigns help businesses achieve their objectives.

Amy is fascinated by technology – a strength that enables her to find a hook with almost any story. She enjoys a broad range of contacts in cybersecurity, healthcare, energy, robotics, neuroscience, wireless and more.

Amy hangs her hat in North Carolina where she lives with her husband and kids. With three teenagers who are always on the move, Amy is pulled into myriad school and sports activities, such as horseback riding, lacrosse, and football. On top of that, she manages to find time each day to walk Millie, her golden retriever, around the neighborhood.

Amy Foschetti

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