How Many PR Agencies Do You Need to Reach Global Markets?

| Jul 7, 2024 |

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How often have you heard B2B tech companies bemoan the need for multiple public relations (PR) agencies to cover international markets? In North America, we hear this from domestic companies who think they need to manage a bevy of local PR agencies across Europe, South America, and Asia. We also see overseas companies struggle to find and manage the right mix of agencies to cover the diverse North American market—from business press to trades and from tech influencers to broadcasters. Always, it’s such a challenge to keep all the agencies up to date on marketing initiatives, product updates, and competitive situations—and to get the agencies to coordinate and collaborate with each other.

The fact is companies with complex B2B technology offerings need to cover a PR swath that’s geographically wide and technically deep. Certainly, there are large multinational PR firms with offices around the world. But those big-name firms rarely have the technical expertise to really understand the audiences, competitors, nuances, and challenges of deep-tech clients.

So, what are your options? The right choice may be a small, highly focused agency that is both globally influential and technically fluent. Here are some of the ways HCI Marketing & Communications makes this work:

  • We have PR staff and partners located in multiple time zones and countries. This results in lower overhead, better access, and the ability for our clients to collaborate directly with senior-level PR practitioners and experienced local associates with targeted technology expertise and key media connections. These team members manage multiple regions effectively and collaborate efficiently as needed with other agencies. We never hand you off to a junior team member after getting your business.
  • We have a global viewpoint that keeps the big picture in mind. Team members know which questions to ask to make sure each of your audiences’ needs are addressed appropriately. When your agency representatives are comfortable with both the technology and the local culture, they can concentrate on getting you the results you need.
  • We nurture global connections with clients, associates, and the press. PR agencies die if they don’t have the right connections. Those that make and nurture those connections tend to last, growing by referrals and building on years of experience. We’ve supported large and small clients from countries across North America, Europe, Israel, Scandinavia, and Oceania. And because our focus is on the relationship part of public relations, we have long-term connections—including decades-long interactions that have grown into enduring friendships—with editors and influencers around the world.
  • We manage and collaborate with other PR agencies. We bring unique skillsets and connections to your PR program, and we recognize that other agencies bring different, valuable skillsets and connections as well. We play nicely with others, whether as the lead agency or as a supporting partner, going where less technical or internationally-savvy PR people simply can’t.

As a result, clients and editors make comments like this, from Joachim Kroll, editor-in-chief at Elektronik in Germany: “HCI is highly skilled in cross-cultural communications. At first glance, this might seem unimportant as North American and European cultures are similar. But the European trade press and its readers expect to be addressed in a different way. HCI appreciates and fulfills this expectation. In addition to being responsive, reliable, and on-time, HCI experts tailor input so I can immediately use it without intensive revisions. No wonder HCI has long-lasting customer relationships—another consistency that I very much appreciate.”

Our tech PR team is uniquely qualified to help you refine the messages that resonate with your targeted audiences. We then partner with you to build public awareness, in-depth content, and online presence to engage your prospects and drive your technology business forward. Reach out to us to learn more and get started.

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