Even for Amazing Technology, B2B Marketing Is Essential

| Apr 15, 2024 |

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By Dennie Theodore, Communications Trailblazer and HCI Board Member

Smart industry robot arms for digital factory production technology showing automation manufacturing process of the Industry 4.0 or 4th industrial revolution and IOT software to control operation .The technology market is a deep pool that spans more than 585,000 tech companies with a market value of $1.6 trillion in the United States alone, according to data from Zippia. Clearly, it takes more than a superior product to stand out—particularly when your buyers are other businesses. Whether your technology focus is embedded systems, automation, IoT, AI solutions, or enterprise software, business buyers need to know you exist, see that you understand their needs, and feel confident making purchase decisions.

Even for the best technology, B2B marketing is essential

Successful B2B tech marketing tells your story clearly, attracts traffic to your website, and moves your brand up in search rankings. It also generates leads, increases awareness of your narrative, and builds a community around your product.

Beyond good marketing, B2B technology companies need smart marketing. Beyond strong content,B2B tech companies need specialized content and approaches. Marketing your technology effectively requires going beyond traditional marketing approaches to reach engineers.

Differences between B2C and B2B tech marketing 

  • The audience for B2B tech marketing is often company executives, managers, and technical experts
  • B2B marketers need to partner with subject matter experts, such as engineering and product development leads
  • B2B tools and approaches target industries and roles, not general consumers

A technical product requires marketers target a specific audience that often has a long buying cycle in which multiple stakeholders influence every purchase. Too broad social media posts and a barrage of emails work against you. Successful communication involves expert-to-expert conversations and clear, detailed responses to buyers’ questions. Leveraging the right team of B2B tech marketers and product specialists, using tailored messaging to each stakeholder, is critical.

Let the engineer’s voice shine through

At HCI Marketing and Communications, we strongly advocate for including engineers and other technical specialists in your marketing and technology PR efforts. Bringing skilled marketers together with subject matter experts results in stronger content that avoids industry jargon and hype while also delivering deeper understanding and relevance for stronger buy-in. With messages aimed at fellow technical experts, you build deeper trust.

Part of your tech product is your marketing strategy

Think of your marketing team as an integral part of your product development team. Position, develop content, and promote it through an integrated team of technical, marketing, and industry experts—that’s the difference maker that delivers competitive advantages to your business.

HCI Marketing approaches our ventures with clients in collaborative and compassionate ways, and we are happy to share our expertise with you. Contact us to make the marketing, PR, and content connections you need to drive your B2B technology company forward.

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