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| Apr 9, 2021 |

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Love it, hate it, or give it a “meh”, most C-suite executives recognize that social media is a must. It’s an important vehicle for your company to get messaging out to find and nurture leads, to listen to and engage with your customers and partners, and to keep an eye on the competition.

Illustration of superhero surveying the landscape

Time-travelling, globetrotting, mind-reading hero

But not all social media is equally valuable—or executed well. Most company accounts tick along. They tell the world that the lights are on, somebody’s home. While probably worthwhile, most corporate social media accomplishes a mere fraction of what it’s capable of. Getting more from social media requires that you think of it less as an online extension of your marketing plan and more as the strategic and competitive superpower that it is.

Yes, your superpower. The “vast and diverse powers and abilities of the multi-verse,” according to Fandom. That’s right,  multiverse. Done right, social media can be your own time-travelling, globetrotting, mind-reading hero of your brand, reaching directly into your customers’ inner worlds everywhere, instantly. It’s entertaining, informative, and it builds relationships and trust.

The Path to Greatness

Taking action to shift your corporate social from must to superpower benefits from an examination of these three commonly held truths about social media:

1) Social media is not rocket science. (Or robotics, or embedded computing, if you like.) Although everyone can do social media, most do it blandly. Quite a few do it competently. But to make it sing you must take social media seriously. And with great power comes great responsibility. So, if it’s a tack-on to a long list of other work responsibilities, you are probably not the right person to pull it off. Nor is your marketing director. Or your intern.

2) Social media is cheap. But, as with most things, you get what pay for. Social media requires a light touch, deep strategy and time—over an extended period. And as everyone knows, time is money. With thoughtful planning, design and management, corporate social media accounts can be bountiful—and profitable. Let the harvest begin.

3) Social media is great for getting news out. Sure, but if that’s all you’re doing, you’ll come up short. Social media is as magical and three dimensional as are human relationships. Think: intimacy and trust. You won’t get there just by talking. Listen. Create value. Connect.

If your social media is currently a straightforward and affordable vehicle for getting the word out about your company, know this: You have a superpower ready, just waiting to be activated. Your cape is at hand. The phone booth door is ajar. The Batmobile is charged. Let HCI Marketing and Communications help you transform your social from meh to super.

Would you like guidance on how to transform your social presence to achieve its full potential? Reach out to us. HCI Marketing and Communications is passionate about social media. We stand by our brand promise: HCI helps grow clients’ businesses by (com)passionately and powerfully connecting them with influencers and buyers to deliver results. We look forward to speaking with you.

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